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Avoid Foreclosure and Save My House

If you are behind on your payments losing your house to foreclosure is a real threat.  Some homeowners do nothing and ultimately lose their house and all their equity. 

What is your plan?  By visiting this website you have already taken the first step toward avoiding and stopping foreclosure and saving your house. 

We can provide valuable assistance, work directly with your mortgage company to stop harassing phone calls, and negotiate to postpone any pending foreclosure sale.

Learn how you can save your house from foreclosure.

You made it very fast and easy…This is such a load off our shoulders.
-Monica Linton, Clearwater

Reinstating your Mortgage

Foreclosure laws vary by state. However, if we can show your lender a legitimate plan that will allow you to get your loan current in a short amount of time, you may be able to reinstate your mortgage.  This means catching up the back payments and getting the loan back on track with your original payment plan.

Once the foreclosure lawsuit is filed by your mortgage company, court costs and attorneys fees immediately add on to the amount needed to bring your mortgage current.  This can be easily be $2,000 or more, and increases the longer your loan is in trouble.  Teamed up with our specialized attorney, We specialize in dealing with lenders to begin the reinstatement process. 

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Refinancing your mortgage may allow you to take advantage of lower rates and lower monthly payments and allow you to pay off your existing mortgage faster.

However, if you have recently made late payments on your mortgage or have other negative marks on your credit, qualifying for a new loan may be difficult.  BEWARE of the trap some desperate homeowners fall into.  Statistics show that many homeowners get into trouble down the road after refinancing.  The unwary homeowner may refinance to pull out cash, only to see most of the remaining equity getting eaten up by loan expenses and large brokerage fees.  On top of that, you suffer higher monthly payments resulting from a now larger loan balance  and higher interest rate due to the effect on your credit from your recent late payments.

Refinancing is a great choice if you have a lot of equity and are comfortable with an increase in monthly payment.  We can also open a door of communication with your current lender to modify your existing mortgage, whereby all of your back payments are added to the back end of your current loan.  SaveMyHouseNow will use our experience and our network of relationships with mortgage professionals and legal professionals to create a solution that makes the best sense for you. 

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One week ago I was facing foreclosure on not just one house, but three.  Now the future looks so much brighter. Thank you for being so patient to make sure that I understood everything so well.
-Lung Chi Le, Clearwater

Short Term Cash Loans  -  Quick!

Have you run behind on payments and now risk losing your home to foreclosure due to a short term condition that has now cleared?  Are you able to make your regular payments again  if you could only get out of the 'hole' and get past all of the back payments and fees that have built up?  Save your house with a short term loan, not based on your credit....just based on equity in your home and your ability to pay.  Get out of the hole and get back on track. 

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You have been very helpful and considerate and understanding of our situation.
-Kelly and Walter Pozdol

Filing for Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy may be right for you if you have lots of debts and creditors besides your home mortgage.  If you are thinking about bankruptcy make sure you get expert advice before making this serious decision.  You may have already received lots of mail advertisements from attorneys who want you to file just so they can charge you fees. Be prepared to pay cash for upfront attorney fees and costs. 

Bankruptcy is NOT a free ride.  Under Chapter 13 you will need to start making regular payments to your mortgage company, AND you will need to make an additional payment to the bankruptcy trustee in order to make good on all the back payments.  If you miss even one payment during bankruptcy your case can be thrown out and your mortgage company will charge ahead toward foreclosure.

Recent tightening of the bankruptcy code now requires credit counseling before you can even file, and you are restricted on refiling a second time if your first case is thrown out ('dismissed') for any reason.

We would like to thank you for helping us in our time of need.  You really came through and made it quick and simple for us.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Gracias!!
-Marisol and Michael Romeor, Gulfport

Save your house now, sell it on your terms

Maybe you see in the not-to-distant future that making a change in your living situation makes sense for you and your family.  You have looked at all of your options and you now realize that no longer want the stress associated with the old house.  We will work with you to save your home from foreclosure NOW, and our professionals can help you make plans for a transition into a new home.  Get a fresh start in a new home with a lower monthly payment, without repair headaches.

Once we help you save your house from foreclosure, you can relax and make decisions in your own timeframe, without the stress of foreclosure.  You move with your pride intact and with dignity for your family. 

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Your honesty and hard work were greatly appreciated and you helped us in our time of need.
-Robin and Norman Philippi, Pinellas Park never charges any fee before services are provided. Be wary of any company that ask for any type of fee up front.


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